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How to properly install and use SensAlert

How to properly install and use SensAlert

As Doona aims to make parent’s lives easier, our latest product SensAlert is a tech product designed to do just that. SensAlert is a device that serves as an extra set of eyes, ensuring your child is never left unattended in the car. To fully benefit from SensAlert, it is crucial to understand how to use it correctly. Here, we will guide you through the best practices for using SensAlert.

Understanding SensAlert sensors

Have you ever wondered how SensAlert detects the presence of a child? You might think it works through pressure sensors, but that's not the case. SensAlert is equipped with capacitive sensors that function similarly to a smartphone's touchscreen. These sensors can detect the presence of a human body by measuring its ability to conduct electricity, even when covered by clothing. This unique feature sets SensAlert apart from basic pressure sensors that can be triggered by any object placed on them.

Installing SensAlert correctly

Installing SensAlert is really easy. Simply open the zip and press the ON button to power your device. Place SensAlert on the car seat with the label "This side up" facing up. Due to the position of the capacitive sensors inside of the device, installing SensAlert correctly is crucial to ensure SensAlert works properly and improves your child’s safety.

DO: Keep the SensAlert device facing up, with the Doona logo front facing.

DON'T: Position the SensAlert facing down or in reverse position.

Avoiding interference

To ensure SensAlert works correctly, it's important to avoid placing any other conductive materials on the device, such as smartphones, metal seat belt buckles, or bottles of liquid. These materials can interfere with the device’s electrical conductivity and comprise its effectiveness. By following these simple precautions, it will ensure SensAlert works properly and improve your child’s safety.

DO: Keep the SensAlert surface free of items.

DON'T: Place any items, especially conductive materials like smartphones, on the SensAlert surface.

Enabling all Doona app permissions

To fully utilize the SensAlert system, the Doona app requires certain services to be activated on your smartphone. These services help in maintaining a strong connection between your phone and SensAlert, allowing for real-time notifications and alerts.

Always ensure these services are activated when using SensAlert:

Bluetooth: The Doona app uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone. This connection lets the system detect if you've moved away from the car.

Location: The location service is crucial for sending your location to your emergency contacts if your child is in danger. It also ensures the proper connection between your SensAlert device and your smartphone.

Notifications: Notifications must be enabled so that you can be alerted during critical times.

Access to Address Book: Granting access to your address book allows you to select the emergency contacts who will be notified in the event of an alert.

For Android users, there are two additional services that should be enabled:

Background Use: This allows the Doona app to continue monitoring even when it's running in the background.

Motion Sensors: The motion sensors help the Doona app assess potentially dangerous situations.

DON'T: Avoid disabling these services while using SensAlert. Disabling these services could interrupt the communication between your smartphone and SensAlert, compromising the system's ability to deliver alerts and notifications.

Maintaining connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is a critical aspect of the SensAlert system, as it forms the primary communication link between the device and the caregiver's smartphone. If your child is on board and SensAlert cannot establish a connection with your smartphone because the Bluetooth is off or the smartphone is powered off, the device has a failsafe in place: it will emit an intermittent sound as a reminder to turn it on.

DO: Make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is enabled when using SensAlert. This ensures that the device can establish a connection with your phone and send the necessary alerts.

DON'T: Avoid disabling your smartphone's Bluetooth while using SensAlert. If Bluetooth is off, the system's ability to send alerts to your phone will be disrupted.

Sharing SensAlert

One of the unique features of SensAlert is that it can be shared with up to 3 people. This means that multiple caregivers can use the same SensAlert when traveling with the child in the car. Each user can set up their own emergency contacts.

DO: Share your SensAlert with other caregivers.

DON'T: Forget to share SensAlert with other caregivers.

Understanding the alert system

SensAlert uses a three-level alert system. If a child is left unattended in the car, the caregiver will receive a smartphone notification warning on their smartphone after 3 minutes. If the first alert is not deactivated, the caregiver will receive a call on their smartphone. If the second alert is not deactivated, the emergency contacts listed in the app will receive a call and SMS.

DO: Respond to the alerts promptly.

DON'T: Ignore the alerts or forget to deactivate them.

SensAlert is a fantastic tool that can provide peace of mind and additional security. With easy installation, an automatic Bluetooth connection, and a three-level alert system, SensAlert provides the ultimate solution for car seat safety. Moreover, since its launch in Europe in 2019, nearly one million units of SensAlert have been sold, without a single incident that put a child’s safety at risk.

At Doona, we are dedicated to the safety of your child, and we prioritize functionality and quantity in everything we create. Our range of products, including the Doona Car Seat & Stroller and the compact Liki Trike, undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed safety standards. With Doona, you can enjoy every moment of your journey, knowing that your little one is protected. 

Here's to safer and worry-free travels with your little ones!

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