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How to get your kids interested in gardening

How to get your kids interested in gardening

Spring is upon us! It’s time to get outdoors and have fun in the sun with your little ones. As you embark on your springtime adventures,  gardening can be the perfect activity for toddlers, offering them a chance to connect with nature, learn about the natural world, and develop their fine motor skills. Getting your toddler interested in gardening can be an easy and fun process that leads to a lifelong love of nature and the outdoors with many benefits. 

From numerous physical and mental well-being benefits, gardening is a wonderful activity for kids. They can enjoy physical activity and exercise by lifting, moving, digging, and more, helping them stay healthy and active. It also provides an opportunity to spend time outdoors and get essential Vitamin D from the sun, which is crucial for their growth and development, and can be a huge stress reliever. As kids spend more time in the garden, they can learn more about environmentalism and the significance of caring for the planet, instilling a sense of responsibility. Plus, nurturing a garden can offer children the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with healthy foods, leading to healthier eating habits in the future. And lastly, gardening is a fun hobby that can provide a sense of accomplishment as children watch their plants grow and flourish. Now that we’ve shown you how beneficial gardening activities for kids can be, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Here are some tips to help you get digging:

Involve your toddler in the planning 

To make gardening a fun and educational activity for your toddler, include them in the planning process. Engage them in discussions about the types of plants they would like to grow and allow them to help select the seeds or plants to purchase. Also, you can have your child choose the ideal space for the garden, whether it's an in-ground bed in a large backyard, a raised bed in a smaller yard, or potted plants on an apartment terrace. Involving your child in the initial stages will make them feel more invested in the project.

Start with easy-to-grow plants

To keep your toddler interested, it's a good idea to start with easy-to-grow plants that will produce quick results. Plants like sunflowers, zinnias, or tomatoes are great choices because they grow quickly and can produce flowers or fruits in a relatively short amount of time. This will help keep your toddler engaged and excited about their garden. 

Make it a sensory experience

Toddlers love to explore the world around them through their senses. When gardening with your toddler, encourage them to touch and smell the plants. Show them how to feel the soil and the textures of the leaves. Your child will develop their sensory awareness and appreciate the natural world.

Get a kids gardening set

Gardening with adult-sized tools can be frustrating and even dangerous for toddlers. Providing child-sized tools will make the experience safer and more enjoyable for them. Be sure to pick up a cute and colorful kid's gardening set with miniature-sized tools that can fit in their tiny hands. Gloves, trowels, and watering cans are also great options to consider. Having their own tools they can be proud of will help them stay engaged in gardening in the long run. 

Make it a regular activity

Consistency is key when it comes to getting your toddler interested in gardening. Set aside regular time for gardening, even if it's just a few times a week. This will help your toddler develop a sense of routine and will keep them engaged with their garden. Teaching toddlers about responsibility is a crucial aspect of introducing them to gardening. To encourage this, create a simple watering schedule that they can follow and provide them with a watering can to increase their involvement. 

Celebrate your successes

When your plants start to grow or produce fruits or vegetables, celebrate your successes with your toddler. Take pictures, make a special meal with the produce, or simply enjoy the beauty of the flowers. This will help your toddler feel proud of their work and motivated to keep going.

Your kids will be cultivating a green thumb and falling in love with gardening before you know it, so grab your gloves and tools and let your little ones explore!

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