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How the Liki Trike makes public transportation easy

How the Liki Trike makes public transportation easy

Traveling with a toddler can be tough, especially when going in and out of ride shares, subways, and buses, but Liki Trike makes these moments so much easier. Here is why Liki is the best toddler trike for using public transportation, and a fun and comfortable way to travel for them to see the city they live in.

The perfect travel companion

Liki Trike makes using public transportation with a toddler simple because of how easily it folds up while on the go. Parents control the trike’s movements, so toddlers can sit back and enjoy the scenery, making it the perfect companion for urban living.

Ride shares

One of the most popular ways to get around a city is using ride share apps, but doing it with a toddler is usually a little tiresome, until now. Here’s how to travel with your toddler in a ride share.

After you’ve ordered your ride share, fold up your Liki Trike with these steps:

1. Take off the handle by removing the clasp pin

2. Fold back the sunshade

3. Press the frontmost button to collapse the handlebars

4. Push the center button and fold up the entire Liki Trike

Just pop your Liki Trike in the trunk and you’re off! Once you’ve reached your destination, pull it out of the trunk, unfold, and you’re ready to explore your destination!


Getting through a subway station can be stressful when traveling with a toddler. But with Liki Trike, you can avoid all the stress because they’ll always be controlled and in a safe place. It’s so lightweight that there’s no need to fold it up when traveling through the subway station. Simply pick it up while going downstairs and keep the toddler safe and secure in their favorite trike. It’s also so compact that it will not take up much space while in the subway car, so you can enjoy a stress-free subway ride.


To get moving on your local bus route, all you have to do is fold your Liki at the bus stop, hope in, and that’s it! Once you hop off, simply unfold and continue on your way.

What makes the Liki Trike so special is how easily it navigates through public transportation. It always keeps the toddler in a safe place that parents are able to control while going through a busy subway station, a bus stop, or a quick fold into the back of your ride share’s trunk. The same goes for Doona, and we also have tips on how to use Doona with public transportation.

Your journey through the city should be filled with adventure, and with Liki Trike, you get to keep them close for your perfect travel day!

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