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How Our Car Seat & Stroller Saved One Baby’s Life

How our car seat & stroller saved one baby’s life

Jennifer Saxon was walking down a steep slope in a parking garage when the unthinkable happened – her Doona Car Seat and Stroller carrying her baby began to roll too fast for Jennifer to steer. Jennifer gave chase, only for the speeding stroller to hit a crack in the concrete and completely flip over— causing Jennifer to tumble over it.

“I couldn’t believe how fast it happened. I just remember people running over to see if my baby was okay.”

The impact left Jennifer with multiple scratches and intense bruising, but thankfully, there wasn’t a scratch on her baby! Jennifer’s little one didn’t even cry. That may seem surprising, but Jen attributed her baby’s safety to her Doona’s incredible technology: its 5-point harness, high impact ratings and sturdy car seat design.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the Doona is also a car seat and built for impact, my baby surely would have cracked her head on the pavement and endured severe head trauma, if not worse.”

As the CEO of Tot Squad and a child passenger safety technician herself, Jennifer Beall Saxon has a deeper understanding of the importance of baby products’ safety. It’s why she founded Tot Squad: to connect new parents with baby safety services like car seat installation and babyproofing.

"As a CPST the official best car seat is one that “fits your child, fits your vehicle, and that you can use correctly every time”. Doona is easy to use and fit my child until she was about 10 months old (90th percentile height!), so we loved it!"

Ultimately, by telling other parents about her experience with Doona, Jennifer wants to spread the message on the importance of using car seats and strollers properly. Most of all, she wants to emphasize the benefits of utilizing all their safety features – because parents have to be ready to protect their little ones at any time.

“As a mom, I always recommend getting a dark color that is easy to clean and won’t show stains. And Doona fabric is amazing… The reason the Doona was my go-to stroller on a day-to-day basis was because it is SO CONVENIENT to run errands with. I’ve been getting her in and out of the car so quickly and easily, and then it’s also great to travel with a single-piece travel system. No opening the trunk and unfolding a stroller and then clicking a car seat in - seriously, so fast and easy!”

About Jennifer Saxon

Jennifer Saxon is the Founder & CEO of TOT Squad, a baby services marketplace that connects new parents with health, wellness and safety services like car seat installation and babyproofing.

Jen received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, her BS in Math at Duke University and has been a Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2009 and Certified Franchise Executive since 2016.

Jen now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Kern, daughter Charlotte, and furry friend Jackson the Bichon Frise. She enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling.

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