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Fun Outdoor Activities Ror Kids

Fun outdoor activities for kids

Playing outside promotes child development, and after a long winter, it’s finally time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh, crisp, spring air. 

Outdoor play has tons of great benefits for kids such as a deeper connection with nature, use of the five senses, increased brain development, and a sense of independence. In addition to these emotional and mental benefits, time outdoors actually brings physical benefits as well, like improved motor skills, better overall health, and stronger muscles.

There are tons of fun outdoor activities for kids that will actually make them excited to soak up that sunshine! Here are some of our favorite ways to encourage your child to get outside.

Outdoor toys

A surefire way to get your kids excited about going outdoors to play is bringing toys they can’t play with indoors. This could be anything from a ball or frisbee, to water balloons or a mini pool. Setting aside special outdoor toys will encourage your child to cherish their time outside more, and if it’s warm, toys that involve water will help them stay cool in the sun.


One of the most empowering springtime activities is gardening! Grab some seeds, and let your little ones plant a garden. This could be flowers in a pot, or vegetables in your backyard. Let them have some fun in the dirt, and allow them that independence they need. They’ll love helping you dig the holes and plant the seeds, you can even put them in charge of watering the plants. They’ll have lots of fun watching their plants grow — and form some truly positive memories around nature. Research indicates that growing food helps kids develop “food empathy,” a deeper connection with food, often wrestling in a healthier lifestyle, better diet, and understanding of nutrition.

Scavenger hunt 

There’s nothing better for getting kids outdoors than a prize and some competition. A scavenger hunt is not only a great way to get them outside, but it also gets their mind working to solve puzzles and riddles. Set up lots of clues either around your neighborhood, at a local park, or even just in your backyard. Have them solve each clue, and even include a small activity or toy with each one to keep them interested. And when they reach the end — they get a prize!

Encourage creativity 

Imaginative play is such an important part of outdoor adventures! Even if you have no equipment or toys, your little ones can still have an amazing time pretending to be anything they want — the sky’s the limit! Letting your kids be in charge of their own imagination and giving them that big, wide-open space to play will encourage them to get outdoors. For a more artistic twist, bring along some sidewalk chalk and create a masterpiece on the ground. You can even outline a boat, a train, or anything else they’d like to dream up, and use it in your play!

Get active 

If you’re a parent of little ones, you know just how much energy they have to get out, and often, running through the house just doesn’t cut it. Now that it’s finally springtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some of this energy out in the great outdoors! Playing games like tag or hide and seek will help get them moving. Or, try taking a family walk, jog, or bike ride around the neighborhood or at a local park. Just remember to bring your Liki Trike!

Remember, if you’re heading outside this spring, always bring proper sun protection like a hat, umbrella, and quality sunscreen. Keep your little ones hydrated by packing lots of extra water and snacks that contain water like cucumbers or watermelon.

At Doona, we love encouraging outdoor play! That’s why we created Liki Trike, so your little one can enjoy pedaling right along with you from age 10-36 months. Now get out there and have some fun!

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