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 Fun Fall craft ideas for toddlers

Fun fall craft ideas for toddlers

Fall is finally here - a season full of crisp air, delicious comfort foods, and gorgeous foliage. It’s an inspiring time of year for both kids and adults alike. And even with ongoing social distancing measures in place, you and your little ones can still make the most of autumn this year with some fun, DIY fall crafts!

With a few easy-to-find materials, a little imagination and a bit of creativity - your whole family can get into the fall spirit. Making fall crafts together not only results in some adorable decorations for your home, but also allows you to spend some quality time with your kids. So with that said, let’s dive right into the best fall craft ideas for toddlers, and the whole family!

Autumn flower vase

Flowers add such a gorgeous pop of color to your home any time of the year, but a DIY vase you make with your toddler, complete with a fall arrangement, is something you can use year after year!

What you’ll need:

● Vase

● Paints in your choice of colors

● Paint brushes or sponges

● Fall flowers

Choose the color(s) you want to paint your vase. Try experimenting with different patterns and textures, such as using a sponge brush, crinkled up paper, or even your finger prints! Once you’re done, fill it up with fall foliage like sunflowers, orange roses, or sprigs of leaves.

DIY fall playdough

Playdough is a tried and true activity that’s so much fun for kids of all different ages (and adults, too!) Did you know you can make your own? This festive fall twist on the classic will be sure to put you and your little one occupied for hours on end.

What you’ll need:

●1 cup white flour

● ½ cup salt

● 2 tablespoons cream of tartar

● 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

● 1 cup water

● Food coloring in fall colors of your choice

● Desired spices to add a fall scent (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.)

Mix together the dry ingredients, then add to a pot with the water and oil. Stir constantly over medium heat and add your favorite fall scent while stirring. When the dough becomes a ball, remove from the heat and mix in red, orange, or yellow food coloring for a pop of fall color! You can even make a few different colors, and roll them together for a cool marbling effect.

Decorative wreath

Looking for a project your littles can do almost entirely on their own? This one is perfect - plus it results in a cute decoration that will make any door or window ready for fall.

What you’ll need:

● Paper plate or cardboard

● Fall foliage of choice (leaves, twigs, cinnamon sticks, pine cones)

● Glue

● Paint

● String

Cut the paper plate or cardboard into a circle, then cut out the middle so you’re left with a wreath form. Paint it any color you’d like, and then pick out some fun fall items to decorate it with. Start gluing down the leaves and twigs, and get creative! When it’s all done, attach a string to the back with staples and proudly hang it up!

Leaf printing

This activity is not only a fun art project, but also allows you to spend some quality time outdoors with your little one hunting for the perfect leaves!

What you’ll need:

● Leaves of different sizes and shapes

● Paper

● Paint in the colors of your choice

● Paint brushes

● Newspaper or mat

After collecting your beautiful assortment of leaves, bring them all inside and set up your space. Lay out newspaper or a mat to protect whatever surface you’re working on, and pour the paints onto a paper plate. Paint one side of the leaf, then turn it over and press onto the paper like a stamp. Repeat with different colors and leaf shapes for a unique and festive piece of art!

Leaf lantern

Add some illumination to your home or backyard this season, with adorable fall-themed lanterns. This project is super easy, making it the perfect craft for your kids.

What you’ll need:

● Mason jar

● Real or fabric autumn leaves

● Craft glue, like Mod Podg

● Sponge brush

After washing and drying the jar, add a thin layer of the glue to the jar where you want your first leaf to go, then stick it on. Once it’s sticking well, repeat for the next leaf. Mixing and matching leaf colors and shapes will add a unique and fun element to this project! When you’re done, go over it all again with the glue to seal it up, and fill with fairy lights or a candle when it’s dry.

Pumpkin painting

Pumpkins are a staple of the fall season. But sometimes pumpkin carving can get messy, and might be a little too dangerous for younger kids. Instead, try painting them!

What you’ll need:

● Pumpkins

● Paint

● Paint brushes in different sizes

● Sponge brushes

Wipe down the pumpkin, and pour your paint onto a plate. If you want, you can sketch out a design in pencil first, or just get right to painting! Experiment with colors, shapes, brush sizes, and textures. When you’re done, place the completed pumpkins on your porch, table, or anywhere that needs a little pop of fall!

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