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DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make at home

DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make at home

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a chance for all of us to celebrate the amazing jobs our dads do. From teaching us important life lessons, to having our backs when we need them, and embarrassing us with their ‘dad jokes’ — our fathers are an important part of our lives. 

Another great thing about dads is that it doesn’t take that much to impress them. Usually just giving them something from the heart is enough - and the best way to do that is with DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make at home. So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of homemade Father’s Day gifts that you can do with your kids. Let’s get creative!

Photo Blocks

Homemade, customized photo blocks are a fun and functional DIY Father’s Day gift. Go to your nearest home goods store and purchase three wooden, square blocks, and some construction paper. Decorate each block with your kids, using paint, stickers and glitter. Cut out and glue letters that spell out D-A-D, and put family photos around the blocks. Dad will be able to stack the blocks on top of each other or put them in a row along his desk as decoration.

Portrait Coasters

Another practical but cute homemade gift option if portrait covered coasters. First order a set of square coasters off of, it doesn’t matter the brand, because you’ll be covering it up anyway. Then, paste some of your favorite family pictures on top of the coaster, and seal it with Mod Podge water-based sealer. This will make the coaster waterproof, and protect the image inside. 

Dad Coupons

One of the easiest and cutest DIY gifts for dad is Dad coupons - all you have to do is grab some colored construction paper, and cut it into small rectangles. On each of these cards, carefully hand write ‘Father’s Day Coupon’, with a special message underneath. Think of a list of activities or tasks that dad will appreciate you doing for him. These could be anything like making dad breakfast in bed, everyone getting together and cleaning dad’s room, or giving dad two hours of silence to read or watch TV. Dad can then choose to use his Dad Coupons whenever he wants! 

Baked goods 

What better way to celebrate dad than with some sweet treats? Not only will dad love them, but baking with little ones encourages cognitive development such as problem solving and creativity. You can use cookie cutters or shape them by hand, then have your kids pick out some fun decorations like colorful icing and sprinkles. For an extra touch, write D-A-D across three cookies!

Handmade Cufflinks

A quick and easy DIY Father’s Day gift you can make with your kids is monogrammed cufflinks. Simply visit your nearest thrift store and buy some used cufflinks, they’ll usually sell you a pair for little-to-no money (try and find a larger style with a flat surface on them). Then, you can cut out some construction paper to perfectly fit the cuffs, and write a special message for your dad on them. Cover with a sealant like Mod Podge, and there you go!

‘Best Dad Ever’ Trophy

Here’s a fun one, involving moldable clay, colorful paints, and some imagination. Together with your kids, sculpt dad his own ‘Best Dad Ever’ trophy. It can be a bit difficult, but play round with different shapes and sizes and you’ll get it right with some practice. Once you’ve finished the sculpture and allowed it to fully dry, paint it with some bright colors. This gift might not look exactly like how a trophy normally does, but the effort will be what he remembers. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of easy DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make with your kids at home. 

At Doona, we’re dedicated to making parenting simpler, easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we created smart and functional travel baby accessories like our Doona Car Seat & Stroller, the fully integrated travel system that transforms in a click; as well as Liki Trike, the most compact folding tricycle on the market. It’s just our way of saying thank you to all of the parents out there.

Happy Father’s Day, from Doona!

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