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13 Best Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

13 best tips for traveling with a toddler

Contrary to popular belief traveling with a toddler can be a blast - ‘terrible twos’ be damned. Because with the right moves and a little preparation, a potential vacation bust can become the smoothest, most rewarding toddler trip ever. Are you thinking of hitting the road or the soaring the skies with your little tyke? Then don’t miss our survival guide for parents planning a family trip with a toddler.

1. Schedule a nap every single day

Don’t forget to make time in your itinerary for some R&R every single day! You may be on vacation, but your toddler’s nap time won’t be. Remember that travel is exhausting for your little one, too, so you need to dedicate time for their recovery.

2. Ask for child discounts

They may not clearly state it, but there are plenty of businesses that offer child discounts – you just have to ask in advance. While you’re planning your trip, call hotels, transportation companies, museums and other excursions for special prices for toddlers. You may come up empty, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

3. Stay in one hotel

Do your best to stick to one place! Moving around different hotels to accrue reward points or explore different parts of the city is not worth the transport issues, the packing and unpacking, and the stress of having to start over.

4. Choose places they can explore

Trust us – there are going to be days when your little one isn’t up for another journey, and you need to just stay in. But, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by staying in a hotel or apartment near a park or some wide open space whey they can roam to their heart’s content. And if you’re got a portable trike, your little one can safely explore a brand-new space with you holding the reins.

5. Call it like it

Is When the excursion’s been a disaster and toddler meltdowns are imminent, you need to be able to throw in the towel and take the whole gang back to the hotel. Sometimes, outings just don’t work out, and you need to be able to roll with punches and try for another day.

6. Ride the subway

Traveling to a metropolitan city? The best way to get around is public transportation. It’s cheap, it can take you anywhere, and it brings a certain element of fun and adventure for small children. If you’re bringing along a trike, then make sure it can easily get on and off a bus or subway – like the Liki Trike can.

7. Screens/multipurpose devices

A little more screen time may be a blessing on a long flight or drive. A story, short movie, or interactive game can distract toddlers from ear pressure and long hours strapped to an infant car seat, so don’t hesitate to bring along a tablet or smartphone loaded with their favorites. 8. Mix and Match Clothes Want a change of clothes available, but don’t want to lug around heavy bags? Make sure to pack tops and bottoms for your little one that can be mixed and matched. That way, you can always find an outfit that works if your toddler spills a little gelato on their cutest jumper.

9. Eat dinner early

Worried about a toddler meltdown mid-meal? Try eating earlier than you usually do. A mostly-empty restaurant means more room for your little one to roam, less people to disturb with babbling baby noises, and more space for your stroller.

10. Keep blankies, old toys, and binkies near

No matter how adventurous your toddler is, trips and vacations bring all sorts of new stimuli and stresses. You can help keep them comfortable with reminders of home – like blankies, old toys, and binkies. Always keep these security blankets near your toddler during flights and long drives – just avoid balls or any other round objects that can roll away from your little one.

11. Port-a-potty

Toddlers are in that strange in-between area of ‘not potty-trained,’ ‘semi-potty-trained,’ and ‘hopefully potty-trained,’ which is especially concerning during a road trip. But even if you think your little one is potty trained, you never know what can happen during a stressful road trip. You may need to rely on training pants, or even pack a port-a-potty along with you in your car just to be sure.

12. Take lots of breaks

When you’re road-tripping, there’s an urge to get to your destination in one straight shot. But, that may not pan out when you’re traveling with a toddler. Instead, break your trip up into sections, take lots of rest stops, and let your little one enjoy the ride.

13. Get the right tools

Our most important tip for traveling with a toddler? Go with the flow, but have the right tools at hand. And with the easy-to-fold, travel-friendly Liki Trike, you can take this amazing travel companion everywhere. Plus, Push Mode allows you and your toddler to navigate city streets, public transport, and cars galore—even when your toddler’s tired! Now, it’s time to make some memories! Grab your Liki Trike, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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