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Liki Fabric Set


Grey Hound


The Liki fabric set is the perfect way to get a fresh new look with a different colorway, or when using the Liki Trike with a second child. Each piece is fitted with plastic snap connectors so replacing the fabric set is quick and simple. You can choose from our 5 available colors.

Dashed sqaure

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for every occasion

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Liki Rain Cover 1 - Main Image + SEO image

Liki Rain Cover

Liki Travel Bag 1 - Main Image + SEO image

Liki Travel Bag

Sticker Set - Flames 1- Main Image + SEO image

Sticker Set

Liki - Cup Holde 1 - Main Image + SEO image

Cup Holder

Liki T-shirt - Main Image + SEO image

Liki T-shirt

Liki Cap 1 - Main Image + SEO image

Liki Cap