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Toddler toys that boost mobility

Toddler toys that boost mobility

Toddlers can seem like they learn a new skill almost every day. That’s because the toddler years are filled with milestones in mobility and physical development. To keep up with all of this increased physical activity, it’s important to provide your toddler with the right toys to help them learn, grow, and practice their new mobility skills.

Bouncing toys

There are endless options when it comes to toys that bounce! The best are those that the toddler can sit or stand on, such as a bouncing horse or a mini trampoline. The action of bouncing helps toddlers develop their motor skills, build their muscles, and allow them to practice jumping. It’s also a great way to get some of that energy out!

Crawling tubes

Crawling is a skill that benefits little ones even after they have moved on to walking. It not only works their legs and arms, but it also helps them learn to move their body between positions. Plus, going from standing to crawling and then back again really works the core! There are plenty of crawling tube options out there in many different colors, and most of them are able to easily fold up for storage, and can be wiped down after use.

Balance toys

Balancing is an essential part of mobility, especially for toddlers that have just recently started walking! Balancing is a skill they’ll continue to use, particularly when they advance from walking to running, skipping and jumping. A balance toy can be anything from a beam they can walk across, to a balance board, to raised stepping blocks they can make their way across. Make sure to keep an extra eye on them when working on their balancing skills.

Climbing structures

Climbing structures are one of the most effective ways for little ones to be active while developing their upper body muscles, and practicing coordination. It encourages open-ended and creative play, and can be done alone or with friends. Try a geometric dome climber (assembly required, but it’s worth it, we promise!), a children’s ladder, or a wooden climber that can be arranged in many different variations.

Toddler trike

Perhaps the most effective way to boost physical development in early childhood is a toddler trike. Not only does it require balance and coordination, but it also works the leg and arm muscles, teaches the toddler about steering and direction, and builds their confidence and independence! Because little ones are always growing and changing and their skills are always improving, you’ll want a trike that can adapt, like Liki Trike. With it’s 5 different modes of use, Liki Trike will grow with your child and continue to challenge their physical skills from ages 10 months to 3 years. 

Adding just a few mobility toys to your collection will make a huge difference in your child’s physical development, and in their curiosity and independence! At Doona, we are all about providing the most innovative products to not only help make your life easier, but to help your little ones thrive. To check out our other products.

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