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Doona Dusk Limited Edition (Sold Out)

With a strikingly bold design and upgraded features, Doona Dusk Limited Edition features a durable, all black anodized aluminum frame and all black textiles. With its stylish faux leather detailing, the Dusk limited edition offers an on-trend look for the modern parent. It is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Information slider - Doona Dusk - Essentials Bag

Doona Dusk Essentials Bag

Designed to complement the Doona Dusk with brown faux leather trimming. Take your baby's essentials everywhere you go in style.

Information slider - Doona Dusk - Handle Cover

Faux leather Handlebar Cover

Upgrades the look of the Doona while protecting its handlebar. The durable faux leather handlebar cover offers the premium look of leather and a luxurious feel.

Information slider - Doona Dusk - Doona rain cover

Doona Rain Cover

Ensures that your baby is always comfortable, safe, and dry. With the simple Doona snap-on connectors, attaching and removing the rain cover is quick and easy.

Information slider - Doona - Black bamboo infant insert

Black Doona bamboo Infant Insert & Head Support

Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the Doona Infant Insert & Head Support provide young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort.

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The original iconic design with vivid expressive colors
Doona US Racing Green 35627


An all-black design with bold details and exclusive accessories
Doona Midnight EU Stroller 1-299