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Doona Babyschale

Voll integrierte Mobilitätslösung für Neugeborene
Doona i Sahara Sand

Liki Trike

Das 5-in-1 Dreirad für Kleinkinder
Liki Trike

Elternsein leicht gemacht

Doona ist ein visionäres Unternehmen, welches sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, das Elternsein zu vereinfachen. Unsere Produkte machen das Leben von aktiven Eltern leichter - mit einem Fokus auf Funktionalität, Sicherheit und Qualität.

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4,6 | 1000+ Bewertungen

Review - Liki - Rachel M.

Another masterpiece by Doona! We have the car and we knew we had to get the trike. Sleek, stylish, sporty and sophisticated are all words that come to mind but functional is always in 1st place with doona!

Rachel M.

Best parenting invention. I can’t stress enough how convenient this invention is! It’s worth every single penny! We purchased the midnight black edition. It rides so smooth.


Review - Liki - Anonymous

Baby’s first big toy! Definitely awesome!!! Whenever he sees his trike he knows we’re going to the park or somewhere else. He love riding it and its very convenient for me and my wife. Worth it!


Review - Doona - Caren

I’m extremely happy because we travel with it everywhere and when I’m by myself without my fiancé it’s easy for me to get around, it fits everywhere literally. Best purchase of my life.


Review - Doona - Katie B.

As a wheelchair user, this product is incredibly accessible. I can use this whole system independently. Hands down the best baby product I've bought.

Katie B.

Review - Liki - Keith S.

She gets so happy riding in it! My overall experience of using this was excellent! I love it! My daughter always gets excited when I get it out.

Keith S.